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Ellen Zegura
Fleming Professor 
Computer Science

I work in two areas. My longstanding research interests are in computer networking with a focus on application and network-layer services. My more recent research is in computing and its role in addressing pressing social problem. For international work this area is called ICTD (D=Development). I led the e-democracy VIP team; this photo is undergrads Paul Wilson and Trey Washington in Buenos Aires for the Fall 2015 presidential run-off election.

I teach at the undergraduate and graduate level, in computer networking (CS 3251), computing for social good (CS 4911/6150) and technology and sustainable community development (SLS 3110). This photo is members of the Spring 2016 pilot offering of the technology and sustainable communities course.

My first publication was in the ICCD conference in 1988 and concerned parallel simulated annealing. I did this work as my MS thesis where I developed algorithms and programmed an nCUBE hypercube parallel machine. My students all learn to decipher my handwriting!

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